Last week, I went for my annual eye exam. Now, I’ve never been strong in the eyesight department (think Mr. Magoo meets Scooby Doo‘s Velma), but nearing the big 5-0 has put me in a club I did not want to be a member of.

I need tri-focals.

Progressive lenses, here I come. (At least I can say I’m getting more progressive as I age.)

Certainly, I am not the only middle-aged person to go through changing eyesight… along with changing other things.

Anyone else look everywhere for their glasses… only to find them on top of your head?

Or have readers in every room of the house as well as in your purse and car glove compartment… yet you can never find any of them?

Or try to unlock a car… only to realize it’s not yours? (Yeah, I’m not sure that all these issues have to do with purely my vision either.)

Of course, single Aging Gals and Guys can always follow Garry Shandling’s advice and look on the bright side: “I have such poor vision, I can date anybody.”

And nobody’s take on diminishing vision as we near 50 is funnier than Bill Cosby’s. Check it out:

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