Thanksgiving. The name says it all. A time to give thanks. Well, that’s what we’ll all do on Thursday.

Today, I’m going to rant.

In honor of America’s foremost fast food haunt (and the restaurant where I’ll dine too often during this frenetic week), I’ve lovingly compiled my observations into a McDictionary of sorts.

McDanger’s — Bitty’s name for the McDonald’s just off the 405 freeway that I stop at when en route to LAX. My feeling is, Why pay $10 for an Egg McMuffin in the airport terminal when I can get one for a dollar at McDanger’s? Bitty’s take is that she’d rather avoid — at all costs — the zombie-like creatures who hang out (or perhaps live) at this fine establishment.

McDillweed — the lazy soccer mom who, instead of getting out of her car, orders breakfast for the entire soccer team in the drive-thru, forcing the waiting line of cars to pile up past the parking lot, through the traffic light, and into the street.

McDummy — the name for the manager who doesn’t have McDillweed pull over into the parking lot during the 20 minutes she (and the rest of us) wait for her order to be filled.

McDangle — my upper arm flab. Due more to middle age than my visits to Mickey D’s.

McDelight — watching the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

McDefense — what the Dallas Cowboys will need to combat RG3 during the Thanksgiving day game.

McD-Day — my 50th birthday. Exactly ten days and counting. Yikes…