Home Invaders

Bitty was upstairs in the bedroom when she screamed (well, not really a scream — more of a curse-laden screech). I ran up from the living room, taking two steps at a time.

“What?” I huffed and puffed after my ten-second cardio. “Are you all right?”

She looked at me in an unintentional mimic of The Scream. “There’s a spider by the toilet!”

Oh, a bug. Again.

Now, I don’t mean to make fun of Bitty’s arachnophobia. Or her cricketphobia. Or her gnataphobia. Or her general insectophobia.

And it’s not like I love all the little critters that somehow make it into our abode, but, hell, I grew up in the wild varmint hotbed that is West Texas. I’d rather open the door to find an Earwig or a Gecko than a deadly rattlesnake any day.

Bitty, however, wants nothing to do with any of them. So who do you call? (Besides Aging Gal and, duh, Ghostbusters?)

How about National Pest Management? They are a national organization dedicated to protecting you and yours from all sorts of pesky “home invaders.” Here’s more:

PestWorld.org is your go-to resource for everything you need to know about bugs, rodents and other household pests. You can identify your infestation, find helpful prevention tips, pest photography and videos, educational articles on a variety of pest topics, and more.

In the fall, pests often enter our homes seeking shelter from colder weather, so it’s important to take steps to pest-proof your home. Pest issues are better handled by licensed pest professionals. They have the knowledge, training and tools to properly identify a pest species and recommend ways to safely remedy an infestation before it becomes a serious problem.

You can find a pest professional in your area by entering your zip code in the Find a Pro database on PestWorld.org: http://www.pestworld.org/find-a-pest-control-professional/.

So this Halloween, don’t let your house become a horror. Get the invaders before they get you!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of National Pest Management Association. The opinions and text are all mine.