People Who Need People

People. People who need people.

Quick: Who does that lyric make you think of? If you didn’t say Barbra Streisand, then you are disowned.

And who did Bitty and I go see last night in honor of Bitty’s birthday? You got it: Babs.

At the Hollywood Bowl.

Two legends indeed.

Little did I know when I mortgaged the house to buy these tickets that seeing Streisand in concert was on Bitty’s bucket list. Cross that one off the list. Done. And, oh, so totally worth it.

For video taken from my seat dead center in the middle of the Hollywood Bowl, check these out. First up, her tribute to the legendary Marvin Hamlisch:

Babs singing Rose’s Turn from Gypsy mashed with Don’t Rain on My Parade:


And, finally, with her sister (and her mom) singing Happy Days…


2 thoughts on “People Who Need People

  1. I was reading the review this morning in the Times and wishing I was
    there. Thanks so much for sharing a piece of the concert. Great camera
    work. You must have had a tripod???

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