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“Buy it so my mommy can continue to feed me.” — Jack the Dog

What’s more frustrating for a single woman in her 30s than trying to get ahead in her career and find a man? Doing it with her mother. In a life and death situation. This is the premise for MOTHERS, DAUGHTERS, AND OTHER MYSTERIES, a hilarious novel written in the vein of the Stephanie Plum and Southern Sisters mysteries.

In her thirties, Leann Conklin is still looking for her life’s calling. She has tried several careers, but found nothing that, well, sticks. This is in steep contrast to her famous and successful mother, daytime soap diva Ava Gerard.

When Leann stumbles onto a murder case, she finds her life suddenly in danger. Worse, her mother, Ava, has paid her a surprise visit in the Big Apple. Together, the women must work to solve the murder or lose their lives trying.

Fans of comedic female sleuths will love MOTHERS, DAUGHTERS, AND OTHER MYSTERIES – a story of mystery, suspense, and danger with plenty of quirky humor that will be appreciated by mothers and daughters everywhere.

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Finalist 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and Indie Excellence Awards – Young Adult Fiction Category

by AgingGal's Heather McPhaul

Finalist for 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and Indie Excellence

In 1970s rural West Texas, 12-year-old Lindy Logan has big dreams. She wants to become the next Karen Carpenter. She strives to acclimate to a new 7th grade class. And she fantasizes about killing her little sister, Jo. But all of these desires lead to her biggest dream of all – acquiring her momma’s unconditional love. Because Momma was once second runner-up in the Miss Texas pageant and twice named Most Beautiful of Turnip High School, Lindy is certain the path to becoming Momma’s favorite child is for Lindy to become famous herself. The only obstacle is 8-year-old Jo, a dead-ringer for the gorgeous Liz Taylor, seeking her own conduit to fame. If Jo gains fame first, Momma will focus all her love on her youngest, and Lindy’s greatest fear will be realized – that she is a nobody. In Raggedy Ann Heart, the Logan sisters deal with budding hormones, imaginary friends, and even Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, all the while competing with each other for the ultimate prize – Momma’s love.

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by Aging Gal's Colleen Kelli

Wow! Loved this book! — Reader Views

Winner 2010 Reader Views Awards – Gay/Lesbian Category

Winner 2011 Indie Excellence Awards – Gay & Lesbian & Transgender Non-Fiction

Finalist in the GLBT (Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender) category of the 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

The same humor found in Raggedy Ann Heart permeates Fire in the Hole: A Year in the Life of the World’s Sorriest Stuntwoman, the memoir by Heather McPhaul (written as Colleen Kelli). Check out these reviews:

Wow! Loved this book. Ms. Kelli writes her story in an easily flowing manner and her experiences are at times laugh-out-loud funny. Through her writing I feel like she’s a friend and I wish her all the best in whatever life hands her.–Reader Views

Dry wit and quirky style. Told in a slightly self-deprecating tone, the story draws you in from the very first page. It’s a gentle, moving, sometimes uproariously funny read that will have you turning pages in complete enjoyment.–Readers Favorite

This is not a conventional gal, her life is not formula and the reader is in for a roaring good read. Her unique style is filled with self awareness, more than a little poignancy and, at times, laugh out loud, hilarious detail.–Compulsive Reader

I truly enjoyed this hilarious yet edgy book. Colleen’s quick wit is wonderful. This is an enjoyable and insightful read, you never know what to expect next and everything is a surprise.–Review the Book

Fire in the Hole is the comically dramatic story of a thirty-something actress facing serious changes in her life while training to become a stuntwoman at a quirky western theme park. Over the course of a year, she divorces her lesbian partner of eight years and loses her sister to suicide. A move from the frenzied urban sprawl of Los Angeles to the tranquil desert of Albuquerque does not improve her spirits, but it does allow her to continue her acting career…at the small-time theme park. Oddly, the misfits she works with at the theme park and even a few of the regular customers become somewhat of a dysfunctional, yet much-needed, family. While learning to fall from a two-story roof and harmlessly kick a man in the groin, she struggles to survive the rockiest and most emotional year of her life.

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  1. I really hope you have a sequel for Raggedy Ann Heart. I loved it and I would love to see the adventures of the sisters and their reunion. This book was wonderful. But it left me wanting more. Thank you.

    Colinda K. Abner

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