Mad Hatters

Bitty and I just got back from a long weekend in Sedona, AZ. Yes, we hiked and saw beautiful red rock vistas (see exhibit 1 below):

Exhibit 1 (Proof that we actually did hike)

After our hike, we lunched at Tlaquepaque which is a darling arts and crafts village. Then we also partook in Bitty’s favorite activity: shopping.

We stumbled onto a cute boutique called Just Us Girls that sells winter hats which also double as animal and monster characters (and fodder for goofballs like us).

Bow to the wow

Subsequently, I launched into one of my favorite activities: photography.

The “Monster” hat with the flap removed to show the creature’s “brain”

Makes you want to yodel, doesn’t it?

A multi-eyed monster… so Bitty has extra “eyes” for bargains…

Oh my Wile E. Coyote, we’re Looney Tunes

Then Aging Gal had to get into the act…

Here’s hoping the eagle on my head will hide my double chin…

A Tasmanian devil… and the hat

And which one did Bitty come home with? Drum roll, please…

My norse woman already on the lookout for her next (shopping) expedition…

Perhaps we are aging backwards (ala Benjamin Button) and getting younger every year? Nah, but we certainly act like it…

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