Gym Etiquette in the New Year

As we embark on January of the new year, I want everyone’s motto who attends a gym to be “each one, teach one.” I have read many Facebook and blog posts and have personally observed much foolishness at the gym over the past couple of weeks. I am happy that people are trying to set new goals and be more active, but some need your help to take things a step further. Yes, I have had to lead by example, by telling a gentleman that he had a big ‘ole hole (in the crack) of his shorts while doing squats (shake my head at that). I’m not sure if it was intentional, but oh well, he was violating my retinas.

Here are some things to educate your friends, family or yourself on while attending the gym:

1) Learn how to use to equipment properly, so you don’t look or sound like you’re having sex with the machine or giving yourself a hernia.

2) Wear proper attire for what you’re doing (don’t wear short shorts when you plan on doing a leg workout, leave something to the imagination).

3) Extremely compressed garments are no one’s friends; ladies, say NO to the camel toe.

4) If you’re not going to work out & you came to look cute, stay your arse at home! This may seem funny, but it’s not a joking matter.

Thanks to our friend Q (“Itz Q To You”) for writing this very entertaining post! Maybe you’ll run into her at the gym. If so, be sure you’re not wearing something that will burn her retinas!

8 thoughts on “Gym Etiquette in the New Year

  1. These kinda sound like excuses for not excersizing, no offense. I am a regular gym go-er, for 10 years now. I have seen a few outfits that were too tight-fitting, but very few. The guys are required to wear shirts, so that is a good thing. I have never seen the “camel toe” thing. Maybe my gym is used more by people who really want to work out and not “show off”. I did quit going to the sauna at the gym because the fat hairy guys would take it over and sit in there sweating, with shirts off and yell at each other. I don’t know what the thing is about yelling in the sauna, it is a very small room, but there you go. Otherwise, I’m happy with my gym.

    • I’m not a gym goer myself, Janet. But I will go to the occasional spa and do the sauna or steam room. My OCD kicks up and I find it hard to stay too long in a moist place with naked people, so I wouldn’t do well at your gym with naked fat guys yelling!

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