Fall In Love With Your Hair

What if you could… fall in love with your hair?

“I’m intrigued,” you say. Or at least that’s what I said when I saw the proposal from Fekkai and his hair care products.

Regular readers will know by now that I hate my hair and even refer to my front-and-center bald spot as my Zero Mostel. farrahhair

Well, what if I could fall in love with my hair?

Heck, I’m willing to give it a try.

To show up to a holiday party with Farrah Fawcett lioness locks instead of a Zero Mostel comb-over? To reenact Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel ‘do instead of mimicking a floor mop? To finally garner enough body in my tresses to look like Dorothy Hamill instead of five-year-old boy with a bowl haircut?Dorothy hamill wedge

Hell, yes, I’m willing to give it a try.

So, here’s the deal: 10% off your total order and a complimentary exclusive holiday headband with $50 purchase (while supplies last) Promo Code: HEADBAND

Just click on this link.

Last one there’s a rotten egg. Or going to this weekend’s Christmas party with worse hair than mine.

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